Cloud Strife Appreciation

Ever thought that "Final Fantasy VII"'s lead character, Cloud Strife, needed more love? Well, we here at the Cloud Strife Appreciation Blog (da-dun!) think so! We'll post pictures, fanart, videos, and even some essay analysis of our favorite chocobo-headed protagonist.

We're a friendly blog and are multi-ship friendly... though sometimes our bias shows. ^^;;;

Note: All fan creations will always be credited to the original artist. All Cloud-related pairings will generally be accepted and open to depiction. Romantic imagery will appear, but we will never post NSFW porn.

**Logo image used with permission by OrangeRakoon.**

**Header image used with permission by MyopicBloom.**

Artist: Laura Lee

Title: "I’m gonna date the shit outta you Barret"

Because you need more Clarret on your dash. ;)

I’m seriously thinking about making a Barret Wallace Appreciation blog.  He’s such an underappreciated character.

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    Heh. Very cute!I’m still irked that FF7 skips the dragon play if you manage to get the Barret gold saucer date.
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    I totally dig this pairing. That and Barrifa. ;)
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    This should be what it looks like if and when Square remakes VII!
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    Lmao.. XD
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