Cloud Strife Appreciation

Ever thought that "Final Fantasy VII"'s lead character, Cloud Strife, needed more love? Well, we here at the Cloud Strife Appreciation Blog (da-dun!) think so! We'll post pictures, fanart, videos, and even some essay analysis of our favorite chocobo-headed protagonist.

We're a friendly blog and are multi-ship friendly... though sometimes our bias shows. ^^;;;

Note: All fan creations will always be credited to the original artist. All Cloud-related pairings will generally be accepted and open to depiction. Romantic imagery will appear, but we will never post NSFW porn.

**Logo image used with permission by OrangeRakoon.**

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"Time to go, Fenrir."


i watched my first american football game today and how do those uniforms work holy s hit

I’m American and I don’t understand how those uniforms work either. ;P


My mnemonic for Tan = Sin/Cos

Hey, if it works… ;)

The best additional scene in Advent Children Complete.


While we’re still on the topic of food…


My little drawing of Cloud that I did in math class

Artist: Steven Crowe

Title: "Cloud"

What a stubby little tough guy. *^^*


Alternate description: Yay! Cartoon foreplay!. Actual description: Okay, we lied, it’s porn. Actual Actual Description: Cloud and Sephiroth, mortal enemies, go on a date in Gold Saucer… it’s crack to the end… gotta love it! (No, stop getting your hopes up, you randy sods. No porn included).”

—-> Still freaking hilarious XD

Cloud: “This sounds fun!”

Sephiroth: “No Cloud, this is not fun.  Fun is running your girlfriend through with a Masamune.  Fun is playing scrabble with mother.  Fun is chaining you to a chair and giving you a hair cut six inches too low!”

Cloud: “There will be time for that kind of kinky stuff later, let’s go!”

Sephiroth: “What!? I meant torturing you into submission, not-“

Cloud: “I said later!”

This is so hilarious!  How did they do that???


overprotective future selves.