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Ever thought that "Final Fantasy VII"'s lead character, Cloud Strife, needed more love? Well, we here at the Cloud Strife Appreciation Blog (da-dun!) think so! We'll post pictures, fanart, videos, and even some essay analysis of our favorite chocobo-headed protagonist.

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Myths-by esama part two ))

I always re-read this fic when I have a bad mood 

well, it makes me feel better


it’s been a while since i’ve drawn something not jojo cloud

Artist: はもに

(via pure-hearts)

Artist: Aerin (AKA Aerinith)

Title: "Nu! {FA}"

“Let me go!”


So I was watching Advent Children Complete a few days ago while I put ice on my knee (fell and injured myself at work), and I thought it was odd that Vincent already knew about Cloud’s Geostigma.  I mean, SURE, Cloud is dying from what is basically magical cancer, but it’s not like Cloud to tell someone about it.  Look how he hid it from Tifa!  But then, I realized that one reason he MIGHT confide in someone is if he thought they might actually be able to do something constructive about it.  Vincent would be the only one in AVALANCHE who might have the connections and skills to find out more about it, being a former Turk.  Why ELSE would he know so much about Geostigma in the movie?  It has nothing to do with him, so he wouldn’t go out of his way to research it… unless it was as a favor to Cloud.

Not to mention that Cloud can trust Vincent to be blunt and give it to him straight, no sugarcoating.  And Vincent is cool and detached enough not to get too emotional over it.  He’d keep it to himself.

So, either Vincent has X-ray vision and could see the Geostigma through Cloud’s sleeve, or the above scenario could have happened.  I prefer the latter, honestly.  I mean, you know I ship it. 


Art made by me!



Art made by me!


the waifu got new outfit.


seventh heaven

Just another day in Seventh Heaven…


don’t have a cloud, man

His iconic shrug.